365 Ways #277–If they were slow, they wouldn’t be called PROprioceptive

#277--Proprioceptive signals travel faster than pain signals and get to the dorsal horn of the spinal cord more quickly. That's why when a person sprains an ankle, walking it off or using ice on the area (both proprioceptive stimulators) makes the discomfort more tolerable. The info coming in from the movement or the cold inhibits the pain signals from the body because there is more sensory input to the system. I use this concept in the training of my injured clients by doing what my mentor calls Zone Exercises. Simply put, these are repetitive movements (typically without load) performed at working IN intensities rather than working out ones. Not only does the movement provide a different stimulus on which the body can focus rather than concentrating on the pain, it also brings blood flow to the area of concern and promotes lymphatic drainage to facilitate the healing process.

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