365 Ways #285–It’s working

#285--More and more people are becoming conscious. In less than a year, Monsanto has gone from being named “Company of the Year” by Forbes Magazine to getting its ass handed to it in the stock market. The awake among us cannot claim sole credit for that accomplishment, however. Monsanto itself is due some of the acclaim in this regard. Their lack of foresight has led to superweeds which are resistant to their flagship herbicide Roundup. And the soil pathogens promoted by the overuse of this toxic cocktail has led to an increase in plant disease. Both of these environmental fiascos have created animosity toward the company among their target consumers: farmers. Add to that the predictable failure of many of their GM crops and increasing public concern over the health repercussions of consuming genetically modified foods, and it seems the momentum is shifting--from greed to green.

Keep it up.

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