365 Ways #287–Are you paying Intention?

#287--Walk into just about any gym these days and you may think you've just stepped onto the showroom of an electronics store. You'll see dozens of flat screens in the cardio area and maybe even individual entertainment screens on each piece of equipment. So as people run or ride or step, they've got an almost limitless supply of channels from which to choose. And many of the people in the weight room will be similarly disconnected, lifting weights while wearing headphones playing their favorite music. Motivation some would call it. But I have a different word: distraction.

What's wrong with paying attention to our bodies? That's one of the most important lessons one can learn in the gym--how to listen for, hear, and respond to the critical signals that the body is giving us every single second of every single day of our lives. Putting intention behind anything allows that thought or idea to manifest with greater clarity and purpose. Intention given to movement allows more life force or Chi to flow through the body. It also brings you immediately into the Now. And the Now is all there is. So if you miss it, you miss everything.

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