365 Ways #293–Something in the water

#293--Splenda doesn't break down in the body. And according to an article in Scientific American, it isn't broken down by modern water treatments either. That means, all those folks who've been duped into ingesting this toxic crap are contributing to the further pollution of our water supply every time they go to the toilet.

Splenda is a man-made (rarely a good adjective to describe anything you might ingest) combination of chlorine and sugar, also known as a Chlorocarbon. Chlorocarbons are known to cause organ, genetic, and reproductive damage and up to a 40% shrinkage of the thymus gland. But maybe all this concern about our precious water supply is for naught. Since Splenda (i.e. sucralose) also causes swelling of the liver and and calcification of the kidneys, the folks who consume it won't be doing much peeing.

Or living for that matter...

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