365 Ways #294–It’s really S.A.D.

#294--When you exercise, metabolic demands increase, causing muscle cells to become more acidic. The normal PH of a muscle cell is 7.1. But if the intensity of exercise is high enough so that there is insufficient oxygen to run the system (i.e. when intensity crosses the anaerobic threshold), then the PH level can drop to 6.5 or lower, inhibiting muscular contraction and stimulate the nerve endings so they "burn."

How long can you hold your breath? Ideally you should be able last 50-60s. But if you're not metabolically balanced, you may have trouble holding your breath for that long. Just like when you exercise, this could be a sign you're too acidic. One likely cause of excessive acidity is diet. And while most people would automatically think meat consumption, processed sugar and flour as well as artificial sweeterners are actually much more problematic--and more common--in the Standard American Diet.

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