365 Ways #300–Flu shot ingredients

#300--If you're doctor is encouraging you to get a flu shot this year, just make sure that you tell him of any allergies you may have as it may preclude you from getting vaccinated. For example, anybody with an egg allergy should think twice about getting the flu shot as fertilized chicken eggs are the medium used to grow the virus. So maybe vegans should steer clear of the shot, too. However, antibiotics are used by most of the vaccine manufacturers to ensure bacteria doesn't make those little eggs sick, so maybe that makes it o.k. for vegans now. Chemical detergents are also used in the production of the vaccine. Thus, anyone who is or thinks they may be intolerant of things like octoxynol-10 or polyethylene glycol p-isooctylphenyl ether should make their doctor aware of their condition. Derivatives of formaldehyde are used as to inactivate the virus so it can no longer cause infection. And 25 micrograms of mercury in the form of thimerisol is used as a preservative in the vaccines. So if you have a known allergy to either of these last two substances, ask your doctor what he thinks about "alternative" methods of staying healthy like eating clean, staying hydrated, sleeping enough, and proper exercise. Though he may not be qualified to write that prescription....

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