365 Ways #320–Sciatica is a pain in the neck

#320--The most common cause of back pain is an atlas subluxation. The atlas is the first cervical vertabrae and the most mobile segment of the spinal column. An unfortunate side effect of this mobility is a lack of stability. Car crashes, bike accidents, collisions in sport, even minor falls can all result in an atlas that is out of ideal position. In fact, it is estimated that 37% of children delivered vaginally are born with an atlas subluxation as a result of the trauma of the birthing process. Whatever the cause, compensations for this misalignment can create dysfunctions literally anywhere in the body. And the weak link is often the back. If there is any sort of torque in the area of the atlas, changes in the tension of the peri-spinal muscles can create a notable weight shift as the compensations load the sacro-iliac (SI) joint on one side. Thus, a simple adjustment by a skilled NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Spine Association) practitioner can often be just what you need to shrug off that titanic pain in your back.

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