365 Ways #323–Hot air balloons

#323--Did you know that some fireplace flues are made from metal and, over time, can warp or even break from repeated heating and cooling? This often creates a channel for excessive hot (or cold) air loss. Not exactly what you want if you're trying to stay warm this winter. And it's not good for your wallet or the environment either. The solution is as simple as installing a inflatable chimney balloon. Made of a 3-ply poly membrane, it's flexible enough to fill the crevices in the flue but durable enough to withstand the abrasive surfaces of a typical fireplace (even non-metal ones). And the material is heat reactive so that it quickly deflates when exposed to flame, allowing smoke and fumes to exit the chimney whenever you start a fire. And the best part is, a good chimney balloon should last for 10-15 years. Just remember to remove it when Santa comes to town.

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