365 Ways #324–third hand smoke

#324--I know there are probably no smokers who read my blog. They typically don't have the attention span to read the Surgeon General's warning on their box of cigarettes. And they're obviously not all that interested in health. But some of you may have friends or loved ones who smoke, so you should be aware of the dangers of third-hand smoke.

Defined as the toxins that remain on surfaces after visible (second-hand smoke) leaves the air, third-hand smoke can be identified by the smell in the cars, home, and hair of people who smoke. That odor is composed of over 250 toxins including arsenic, cyanide, and lead. And know this: the moment you smell anything, it's in your bloodstream. The most susceptible to the damaging effects of third-hand smoke are children. Closer to the surfaces on which third-hand smoke accumulates--studies show kids ingest twice the amount of dust as adults--they are exposed to more toxins at the most critical stage of their development.

So if you're concerned about your health or the health of your children, let's start a movement to rid ourselves of this threat once and for all. Make it illegal to smoke anywhere other than Monsanto headquarters.

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