365 Ways #327–Will that be cash or kidney?

#327--The skin of an (organic apple) is the most nutritious part of the fruit. Similarly, the best food in a grocery store is typically found along the perimeter. Of course, that's where you'll spend the most money, too. Fruits and veggies just don't get subsidized by the government like other foods. This is the crap that you commonly find lining the aisles at the center of the store--cereals, soft drinks, processed crap. Nutritionally void imitations of food made from wheat and soy and corn. It's the cheap stuff that is so good going down for some of us and so good at filling out for all of us. And even the products which should add to our vitality are often bastardized by conventional farming practices, making them little more than a broccoli shaped, pesticide-delivery system. So every time you open your mouth to eat, realize you're making a choice. Pay for it now. Or pay for it later.

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