365 Ways #331–Be active in your recovery

#331--Hard workout yesterday? Are you tempted to take the day off and just rest? My experience with my own training tells me you may be better served by active recovery--performing your sporting activity or one which involves similar muscle groups (i.e. cycling instead of running) at a low intensity. This would be an easy effort which produces no muscular burn and little, if any, increase in respiration. Like oil is to the engine in your car, blood is to your body. And you can best get that blood going by getting yourself moving.

Lack of movement means decreased nutrient delivery--the very same nutrients responsible for detoxifying the body and creating new, more resilient tissue in the body post training. Additionally, studies show that active recovery lessens the effects of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), the post workout soreness typical of the 24-48hrs post training. The only time I would not recommend active recovery in a person's training protocol is in cases of serous de-conditioning or if it would add too much of a time investment into an already stress-filled day. With the former, you'll be better off with time spent resting. With the latter, you'll soon be spent if you don't take time off for rest.

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