365 Ways #351–A Wild Gift Idea

#351--Struggling with what to get your kid who has everything? Maybe you're worried about toy's with lead in the paint or BPA in the plastic. Or perhaps you'd like to buy a gift for your child that you won't break when its left out for you to step on again. Well, how about adopting a Pygmy Elephant? The World Wildlife Federation (http://www.worldwildlife.org/ogc/species_category.cfm) gives you the opportunity to teach your child as they become a steward for an endangered species. Your symbolic adoption comes complete with a plush representation of your child's chosen animal, adoption certificate, photo, and information about the species. And 82 cents of every dollar you give goes directly toward the WWF's conservation efforts around the world. Better yet, you don't ever have to change the diapers of any animal adopted.

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