365 Ways #357–Dryer Balls

#357--I'm not afraid to admit that I nearly failed 7th grade. Growing up without a dad around, my familiarity with a hammer and nails was sorely lacking. So Shop Class was a lot more difficult for me than Geometry. In contrast, my clothes washing talent has been keenly developed since I was a kid. In fact, I knew how to separates whites and colors before I had finished my first box of crayons. And during those first few years in college when some of my buddies were shrinking random parts of their wardrobe or turning their socks and underwear pink, I realized that certain androgynous qualities were ones worth nurturing. Still, I'm always pleased when I can add another skill to my clothes hamper. And this one comes with a environmental focus: dryer balls. Made from PVC-free plastic, Nellie's Dryer Balls are two tennis ball sized spheres that can be put in the dryer to cut down drying time by as much as 25%. Additionally, they soften clothes without the need for chemicals or dryer sheets. And they're recyclable, too. Now if I can just figure out where all the missing socks go...

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