365 Ways #358–A stands for “And” not “Alfatoxin”

#358--Virtually every source of peanut butter in the United States is contaminated with alfatoxins, a potent carcinogen that really doesn't go well with any flavor of jelly. Produced by a fungus that favors humid conditions, specifically Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus, alfatoxins are linked to a number of different disorders. Thankfully, peanut butter from Arrowhead Mills is grown in the dryer climate of New Mexico where alfatoxins are extremely rare. You need to buy the organic version, of course, to eliminate your exposure to pesticides. And pour the oil off after opening the jar, too. This will decrease the amount of omega 6's in each serving and actually enhance the nutty taste. It will also make spreading peanut butter on bread a little more difficult--great if you're trying to go gluten free.

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