365 Ways #365–Possible

#365--365 Days have passed. Twelve months. Four seasons. And as the year comes to a close, I ask you: what has opened for you? Your mind? Your heart? Are you open to the possibility that you are potential? Can you see that we are all connected? There is nothing which divides you from me or me from us or us from all. Every drop of water on this earth has at one time been in the cell of another living creature. We share the same air. We feel the same sun. The impression that we are separate is just a manifestation of the ego. But the truth is everything on this earth is simply a collection of atoms, and atoms are 99.9% empty space. The extensions of an airplane propeller seem to be one solid sphere when spinning quickly enough. Yet the atoms which compose anything in nature are moving even faster. The surface which distinguishes you from everything else is an illusion. Touch your friend's hand. Kiss your wife's lips. Hold your son in your arms and open yourself to the idea that there is nothing there. Then realize that from no thing comes every thing. And everything is possible. Everything is. Everything.

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