Some of the reasons I do what I do Posted on February 09, 2011, 0 Comments

"Two weeks ago I would have said that I was maybe a Mixed type - definitely not a Protein. But, we have been adding meat back into our menus at home (organic, of course) and I really feel better. I don’t have the same cravings for sweets and I don’t feel like I need to eat something after my meal. I also have been drinking lots more water and getting more sleep plus one week gluten free. I feel good about my workouts and I am getting in 2-3 workouts a week. Overall, things are good plus my eczema patch seems to be clearing up."--NS

"One interesting thing to note is that I had one of my best check ups ever. The hygienist said that I had a lot less buildup than usual and I have been seeing her for 11 years. I have been using flouride free toothpaste since my last visit, so I guess I am not missing the flouride in my water or on my brush. I think probably the biggest factor was my change in diet since I have been working with you. Much less sugars and refined products. There are so many benefits to the lifestyle you promote."--CJ

"I'm infinitely better. I actually cleaned out my purse yesterday and found some gasx which I pretty much lived on before and realized how far I've come. I can't possibly thank you enough!"--CC

"You are amazing. Thank you. I will work on my friends to commit—and continue to refer others to you as I believe that you bring something to society that has been lost over the years—a knowledge that is elemental and essential."--CC

"I’m going to cc (copy) all docs who saw me and couldn’t figure out my problem. I’ll take the high road, and rather than scold, say something about how perhaps these guys should partner with you in the future to help give their patients the best care possible."--CC

"I will always remember 2010 as the year that I overcame my stomach aches, thanks to your insight and wisdom. Thank you for that."--CC

"I have been reading all weekend about the benefits of saturated fat and the dangers of unsaturated fats. Now I feel like a dumbass for using so much vegetable oil for so long. Once I finally understood that just about anything the food companies are pushing will kill you, it became much easier to make educated decisions about my own health. Thanks for being such a fantastic teacher. After over a year, I am still learning vital lessons from you about staying healthy. I have noticed that when I try to pass this type of information on to other people, they usually don't get it. I normally give up, figuring I can really only be responsible for my own health at this stage. It must be very frustrating for you at times trying to teach people against such overwhelming popular "wisdom". Bless you for not giving up. I love you man!"--CJ

"Dude - wanted to let you know that things are going very well. My back is essentially healed. I'm running and still doing your workouts religiously. I had a test recently that was unexpected but I have to thank you for allowing me to pass. I was hiking with my 4 and 6 year olds this weekend at Sweetwater Creek. Great place if you haven't been. Well, about 1 hour into the hike, my daughter (Luisa), says she is too tired to go any further. I have never had great sense of direction so it took us about 1.5 hours to get home. What's great is I had her on my back doing a piggy back the entire time up and down the sometime rocky trail. No carrying pack or anything, just 40 pounds of Luisa squirming on my back. While I was a bit tired at the end, I felt great! I turn 42 this week and I'm a healthy dude!"--JL

"Oh Drew...! Thank you so much again for clarifying misinformation with fact and real science. I am not a techy, so if there is any way to post this to my e-mail, I would pass it on to many of my friends and clients...Love how one can slant information to selfishly serve an entity....nobody ate 'soyburgers' when my grandparents were alive. I still have a battle convincing my clients and friends that (good organic) eggs, particularly the yolks, are NOT evil, and do not cause cholesterol to elevate and then cause 'heart disease. steps...:} Patience and yes, science!"--EP

"I had to tag you in my race report to let the record show how phenomenal of a coach you are!!!!! I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again for everything!"--PW

"It was truly a pleasure to have the opportunity to experience the evaluation but also to learn so much from you during the relatively brief time of the evaluation.
I can't wait for your final and complete report." --PS

"I wanted to thank you for taking all the special time and care with me yesterday. It was really so sweet, and kind, and meant a lot to me. I think you are a special man with a very generous heart and spirit. I am lucky to have met you."--LZ

"You always make me smile...there has not been one thing that you have told me that does not prove true! Are you sure you are not God :)"--SF

"Andrew, thank you very much. I really do see you as my coach, mentor and friend. So glad the Universe put us together. Looking forward to lifetimes of breaking barriers. Love ya Brother!"--SF

"I <3 your blog! It's chock full of great tips and information on training and wellness. I seldom see that good a mix on personal trainer sites. :)"--DY

"I just wanted to thank you for caring about me and for trying so hard to get me better." --BF

"I really enjoyed last week. Again, thank you for fitting me in on Thurs/Fri as well as getting me live on the website so quickly. I have printed and reviewed all exercises and stretches; today will be day one. Additionally, I am starting the D/E/S Diary today and will keep you posted. I am fired up about your program and look forward to continuing to learn from you."--JB

"Here's the deal: I constantly think about you and how I'm working on implementing your advice. Woody and I keep laughing about how conversations always come back to you! It's now an inside joke, but all good. :)"--LW

"I love your blog! Jenn sent it out a while ago to a bunch of us, and it's so so so full of "uncommon" sense and the wisdom of reality....thank you for doing such important work!"--MN

"I send people your way because your the bomb as a coach."--RR

"I have my whole family reading your blog now. It’s wonderful for me because they don’t listen to me when I tell them the things I learn from you. But they WILL listen to you. Thanks."--JW