They still have a long way to go…

More and more truth is finally making it mainstream. Fluoride was named one of the most toxic substances in the home place in Time Magazine. Several media outlets are now reporting the benefits of saturated fats (though the emphasis is only on fat from coconuts and not meat). And the latest is a report linking artificial colors to hyperactivity disorder in children and adults. So I have to give props to some of the publications brave enough to finally report what most of my clients would tell you is old news.

But then I read an article in the NY Times talking about how unappealing the food is when no artificial color is involved in its production. Cheetos and Gummi worms and Kool Aid and Macaroni-n-cheese--these are the "foods" mentioned. I assume stuff that grows doesn't qualify since you normally don't get it out of a can, a bag, or a box.

“Color is such a crucial part of the eating experience that banning dyes would take much of the pleasure out of life,” said Kantha Shelke, a food chemist and spokeswoman for the Institute of Food Technologists. Hmm...I don't know how sad your life has to be for red#40 to be the highlight of your existence. But banning these toxins from our food would definitely put a damper on her income and the "profession" in general.

Wonder how concerned she'd be if you took her green away...

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