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I am seeking today.
Here, in this place, high above Tampa Bay.
Its chandelier waters liquid despite the season.
I follow Winter's fugitives
as they flee December on wings soft and keen.
They melt into the South like snow thoughts,
leaving me stalled on this artificial height.
Man can only reach so high.
And even the Skyway
In time
Bows to Earth.

How did those words make you feel?

So if one short stanza from a poem can make you feel all of these things, what do you think happens inside your body during any the 60-70,000 thoughts you have every day?

The Law of Facilitation holds that once an impulse has traveled through a given set of neurons to the exclusion of others, it will tend to do so at a future date. And each time it traverses this path, the resistance will be less. What this means in English is that practice makes perfect. Or, more accurately, practice makes permanent.

60-70,000 thoughts is a lot of practice. And since the brain is a neurochemical organ, you cannot have a thought without also affecting your hormonal status. Thus, every single one of your thoughts causes a hormonal shift which, in turn, causes a biochemical change in the body. Hormones truly are molecules of emotion.

Unfortunately, research shows that for the majority of us up to 90% of our thoughts are Negative! And negative thoughts = negative hormones = negative emotions.

And the thing you need to understand about hormones is that they all impact each other. Have you ever played pool? Well, you know at the start of the game, there are 15 balls on the table that you rack in a triangle. Then you take the cue ball, line it up with perfect aim, and--POW--send it colliding into the other balls, hoping to sink some solids or stripes.

Hormones are the same way, except you have a lot more than 15 hormones in your body. So, even if you're the Minnesota Fats of endocrinology, you cannot predict the outcome of playing with all of these hormones. But one thing is certain, it's impossible to take thoughts like "I'm tired" or "I'm stupid" or "I'm sick" and turn them into POW--happiness corner pocket. It just doesn't work like that.

By now y'all are used to me writing about how you are what you eat. Well, guess what, people? I've got news for you. You are what you think, too. Each one of us is wearing our most dominant thought. When you're feeling an emotion, every cell in your body is sharing that experience until it actually becomes you. Sounds like some metaphysical bullcrap, I know.

But a Japanese researcher named Emoto proved that our thoughts can be literally imprinted on the world around us. His book entitled The Hidden Messages in Water shows dozens of photographs of what the individual molecules of water look like when exposed to words like stupid or to words like beautiful. Water presented with a positive word looked like an exquisite snowflake, completely without flaw. The pictures of water associated with a negative word: they were asymmetrical and distorted. What's even more amazing is how he took polluted water and had it prayed over by a Buddhist Monk. The before picture of the water molecule looked like you would expect--dirty and misshapen. But the after picture was the most perfect and wondrous shape you can possibly imagine.


On my water bottle I have the words Health, Love, Chi, and Gratitude. So I drank these ideas into me everyday. The moment I become conscious in the morning I tell myself I choose to be healthy. I choose to be happy. I choose to make this world a better place. This post was about the power of words. And I chose to share some of mine with you. If you learned anything from them, I ask you to make your own offering. For knowledge is dead unless it's shared. It's time to pass on your truth.

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