Chronic Health

*become conscious
*tell yourself that you choose to be happy, healthy, confident, loving, productive, and all the qualities you know you truly are
*take a big diaphragmatic breath and say thank you for the gift of waking up to another day and another chance at EVERYTHING
*open your eyes
*go to the bathroom and rinse the toxins out of your mouth with water (preferably chlorine free from a filter)
*expose yourself to light to trigger a cortisol release to help you wake up and set your clock and normalize circadian rhythms
*drink 16oz of PURE water, maybe with a bit of CELTIC sea salt, actually feeling the water in your mouth and not guzzling it
*wait 15mins while you read (happy stuff) or exercise (perhaps Chi building or Working IN movements) or do with gratitude the things you need to do to get ready for the day
*EAT breakfast which could be ANYTHING as long as it's
--has protein and fat
--is organic
--gives life
--has minimal ingredients
--has some thing which is RAW, thus giving you enzymes which are necessary
for LIFE.
This is TRUE of every thing you put in your body--each of which is YOUR
choice. What do you want to make your body out of? 2 MILLION red blood cells are produced in your body each SECOND. Make it out of the qualities above instead of NON-foods which take more from your body to digest and assimilate than they give.
*get your formal day started or workout or make progress toward your daily/weekly/life goal(s), thus giving you a bit of direction/purpose
*take the following supplements daily:
*at EVERY meal/snack, eat slowly, consciously, and gratefully, honoring the plants (and eventually the animals) who sacrificed their lives to become part of you—do this without watching t.v. (which you should use minimally if at all)
*brush/floss teeth with a NON-fluoride toothpaste
*get organized as it helps de-clutter the mind—make to do lists if it helps you feel less overwhelmed
*get outside and breathe the fresh air or at least open the windows--even if it's cold--for a short period of time
*SPEND TIME with your loved ones as the moment is gone in the blink of an eye
*get sun on your skin
*ground yourself in bare feet on a natural surface (wood, earth, grass)
*move and enjoy the ability to do so, knowing you are truly blessed
*sip PURE water thru out the day from a stainless steel bottle or from glass--try to not drink 10-15mins before or after any meal—aim for half your body weight in lbs in oz of water each day and watch with wonder as your body responds
*eat something every 4hrs, but not more often than every 3hrs
*read something enjoyable--fiction or not
*study an interesting subject or learn a new language
*do a jig-saw puzzle or a cross word puzzle or do something with your non-dominant hand instead of your dominant—these things help keep the brain sharp
*do yoga or tai chi or meditate to build up the CHI/energy in you
*write a friend
*call a friend
*do some YOU things like a warm, Epsom salt bath, an exercise session, or time with friends/family
*realize that your friends think of you more than you know and that thought travels at the speed of light, circling the globe 7 times/second
*eat dinner (which should be smaller than lunch) consciously, aiming for 20 chews before swallowing, and then clean up the kitchen
*write down some goals for the next day
*turn off the t.v., the computer, and only talk on your land line after 8 p.m.
*read or do some stretches/yoga or talk or do something productive but not too active
*be present, living here/now and not in the past/future
*brush/floss teeth
*get in bed with a dark, cool, quiet room
*no electro magnetic equipment near the bed (this includes alarm clocks--get a sun clock if you need it)
*say a prayer of thanks
*go to bed (by 10:30), looking forward to being blessed with another day

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