Love client feedback…

Ways My Life Has Changed Since Seeing Andrew

--Aquasana whole house filter
--regularly eating homemade bone broth
--taking supplements that actually work
--loving butter (OK, i always loved butter)
--my stomach is ripped. i have those little lines down the side that only dudes usually get
--about to make first batch of raw cottage cheese
--heart is open (in a muscolo-skeletal way) for the first time since I was a kid and open (figuratively) a little wider
--I do weird things on exercise balls
--My routine makes people stare with admiration at Snap Fitness
--I never get bloated anymore (except when I have my period, but you wouldn't know about that)
--much better skin
--very rare to have stiff neck
--I just look hotter
--I have a better ass than most white girls
--That strange lady with eighties hair from Nourishing Traditions is my friend
--I can do a handstand!
--my friends don't want to hear about it anymore
--feeling sorry for the soy-lovers who are trying to do right, and finally understanding why I used to get SO GASSY when I ate tofu
--I hit tennis balls last week and felt strong and pain-free :)

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