Playing a bit of catch up


L.Sherman who PR'd the 1/2 Ironman Distance today down in Charleston--her first triathlon of the season.

B.Neumeier who is running 40 races in celebration of his 40th birthday. Here are some of his recent results:
Resolution 5K--3rd a.g.
Run Clayton State 5K--1st a.g.
Locomotive 5K--1st a.g.
Red Devil Dash 5K--3rd a.g.
St. Patrick Day 5K--2nd a.g.
Rock into Spring 5K--1st overall
Terrapin 5K--3rd a.g.
Mutt Strutt 5K--1st a.g.

P.Danzig completed her first race since working with me on some health issues and made it look easy (the race, not working with me)--5K holding 8min miles.

E.Ortiz--2nd a.g. in his first tri of the year--the HITS Olympic in Ocala.

B.Montgomery--finished his first tri of his 2012 season on his way to IMNYC.

L.Wright and W.Galloway--tying the knot!

I hope to stay on top of the shout outs, but it's not easy as I have clients doing incredible things on a daily basis. More to come!

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