Don’t belive the hype about lipolysis

"A lowered metabolic rate and energy production is a common feature of aging and most degenerative diseases. From the beginning of an animal's life, sugars are the primary source of energy, and with maturation and aging there is a shift toward replacing sugar oxidation with fat oxidation. Old people are able to metabolize fat at the same rate as younger people, but their overall metabolic rate is lower, because they are unable to oxidize sugar at the same high rate as young people. Fat people have a similar selectively reduced ability to oxidize sugar.

"Stress and starvation lead to a relative reliance on the fats stored in the tissues, and the mobilization of these as circulating free fatty acids contributes to a slowing of metabolism and a shift away from the use of glucose for energy. This is adaptive in the short term, since relatively little glucose is stored in the tissues (as glycogen), and the proteins making up the body would be rapidly consumed for energy, if it were not for the reduced energy demands resulting from the effects of the free fatty acids."

--Dr. Ray Peat

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