Universal Principles

Below is my translation.
I encourage you all to write your own versions.

1. I'm attuned to the Perfection of the Universe of which I am an essential part of the Whole.

2. Everything is God--unconditionally loving and supportive of me/We/ALL.

3. The Universe is Perfect, and any perceived challenge is not a hurdle--rather it is a generous offering of Joy.

4. The Present is All there is, and I am Perfect there.

5. I am One with the Universe.

6. Effortlessly, I'm aligned with the Infinite Potential of the Universe.

7. I am the Creator of my Life, and every experience is a beautiful expression of what I want and need.

8. My Purpose is aligned with my Highest Self, and the whole Universe supports this union.

9. I am in love with my Life's Work, and the support of the Universe makes it an effortless Joy.

10. I give and receive the Endless Abundance of the Universe.

11. Everything in the Universe is supportive of me/We/ALL.

12. I trust the Universe's support of me at all times.

13. My body is the sounding board of my alignment with my Purpose and the Universe.

14. I am aligned with Universal Mind which supports my Highest Self.

15. I choose for myself--no one chooses for me.

16. I release all judgment of myself and others, freeing my mind to Universal Knowing.

17. Ideals of Perfection guide my feelings and thoughts and create the events in my Life.

18. I see no problems--only solutions.

19. I focus on the Present and allow the Infinite Intelligence of my intuition to let the Love of the Universe guide me.

20. I reside in the Present, free of all judgment and supported by the Love of the Universe.

21. My Intentions are grounded in Love, and my experiences reflect this.

22. I give freely of my Infinite Abundance, grateful that it always returns.

23. I honor the Wisdom of my Heart and welcome True Knowing through feeling.

24. Only Joy is Real, and I experience it daily by feeling Love for myself and others.

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