My sister just e-mailed and asked if I would send her any info I have on why CrossFit is not a good choice.  Here's my reply:



CrossFit is a GREAT choice if you want:

--a shotgun approach to "fitness"

--no pre-screening to determine the presence of any preexisting conditions which would preclude you from performing certain movements

--"guidance" from an instructor more concerned with weight and the clock than your form

--no program periodization

--insufficient development of flexibility and stability before strength and power

--inattention to stabilizers/neutralizers in favor of prime movers (and compensatory muscles...)

--to do exercises because you can (kinda) but not because you should

--to limp the fine line between having a seizure and working out

--postural aberrations 

--a bulging disk

--a torn meniscus

--a destroyed rotator cuff

--parts of your body left scattered across the gym floor

--indoctrination into the Paleo Diet (don't get me started...)



Hey, thanks for sharing I always look forward to reading your posts one of the few blogs I still follow!


Thanks – I’ll be on the lookout for your next post on it!


Thanks for your question, Kathryn. As far as popular diets, Paleo does a pretty good job. But the inclusion of nuts/seeds (PUFA’s) as well as “healthy” omega 3’s is one critical area of disagreement. The PUFA’s are pro-inflammatory, suppress the immune system, and down regulate the thyroid—not to mention the phytic acid and other enyzme inhibitors present in the nuts/seeds which poison the digestion and nutrient assimilation of humans. The avoidance of dairy creates a phosphorus:calcium ratio which is also very unhealthy. And calcium, of course, is important for the down regulation of adrenalin, PTH, and other stress hormones as well as minimizing the conversion of tryptophan (high in muscle meats) into serotonin. Additionally, the general trend toward low carbohydrate consumption is another area which can prove problematic for health. I could continue with some of the shortcomings inherent to this diet, but maybe I’ll make that into another post—either way, thanks for reading with an open mind!


Question – from the times I’ve heard you speak and things I’ve read on your blog, your diet seems very similar to Paleo. (yes, I’m getting you started:)). What are the big differences for you?

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