CrossFit Posted on December 07, 2012, 4 Comments

 My sister just e-mailed and asked if I would send her any info I have on why CrossFit is not a good choice.  Here's my reply:



CrossFit is a GREAT choice if you want:

--a shotgun approach to "fitness"

--no pre-screening to determine the presence of any preexisting conditions which would preclude you from performing certain movements

--"guidance" from an instructor more concerned with weight and the clock than your form

--no program periodization

--insufficient development of flexibility and stability before strength and power

--inattention to stabilizers/neutralizers in favor of prime movers (and compensatory muscles...)

--to do exercises because you can (kinda) but not because you should

--to limp the fine line between having a seizure and working out

--postural aberrations 

--a bulging disk

--a torn meniscus

--a destroyed rotator cuff

--parts of your body left scattered across the gym floor

--indoctrination into the Paleo Diet (don't get me started...)