From Centre to Circumference


1. Symptoms move from above downwards.
2. Symptoms move from within outwards.
3. Symptoms move from a more important organ to a less important organ.
4. Symptoms heal in the reverse order of their coming.


1--Healing begins in the head.  One must first believe in one's own vitality and potential to heal.  Stinking thinking never prevents disease; it only spawns it.

2--Addressing only what you can see often ignores the true issue.  For example, an obese person may have to have a change in diet (inside) before a change in body (outside) becomes apparent.  And for this transformation to occur, a change in thought/belief (inside/above) must precede action by the body (outside/below). 

3--What part of a watch tells time?  The reductionist approach to health (and nutrition) ignores the fact that everything in the body (as in Nature) is connected.  Treating or removing the offending organ/gland/part often overlooks a deeper, more important, even systematic problem.  Thus, to heal, care should begin globally to impact locally.   

4--Healing takes time.  And while progression of the Whole may not be as easily recognized as progression of a part, a holistic approach to wellness often allows for immediate benefits followed by Effective Cure and possibly Chronic Health.     

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