Do What You Love to Do and The Universe Will Support You

For my life's work, I will to do that which I love to do.  The Universe supports me in all ways for doing what I love to do.  

Recognition of what we do not love to do initially alters our perception and then leads to the desire for change.  In order to move to a more ideal place, we first make peace with where we are now and allow it to be perfect in this present moment.  The completion of one experience  provides the power to begin another.

Do what you love to do.

Selecting a career, for example, because it seems like a safe, easy, or quick way to make money insures a life of discomfort.  When we are off purpose, the Universe draws our attention to it by making things uncomfortable for us.  When we are doing what we love to do, the Universe shows its support in many ways: we feel more alive, things flow smoothly, we attract people and circumstances that support us. 

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