All I can say is DAMN!

I came to Andrew about 4 months after cancer surgery, because I wasn't getting the results I wanted through traditional methods.  I was in a hurry to get back to my triathlon lifestyle.  I knew my strength and flexibility needed a lot of work but didn't think he would teach me much about my diet because I ate pretty "clean".  Boy was I wrong! 

Through his holistic approach, I have made sweeping changes to how I was eating and got immediate improvements.  Combined with some lifestyle changes and daily commitment to moving my body, I am happier and healthier.  My skin is clear and glowing.  My flexibility is returning.  My core is getting stronger and peace and balance have returned.
Andrew actually had me go slower and easier to get stronger.  It was a new approach I had not considered and one that is working very well.
He understands so much about how food fuels our bodies and minds.  He sees where my body is weak or inflexible and works on those areas instead of thinking a "one size fits all" strategy. 
Give yourself the gift of health and well being and work with clearly the best holistic trainer and lifestyle coach there is.
 One year training and following the nutrition principles of Andrew Johnston and voila!
1/2 a century young!

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Thanks Andrew!!! But let’s not speed up the aging process!! I’m 48.5. :)
You are absolutely the best and a true gift to this world.

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