Put me in Coach!

Do you feel great when you wake up in the morning?

Do you even know what great feels like?

The absence of symptoms is not the definition of health.  And if your aches and complaints have become the new norm, you might not even recognize that your vitality is in the toilet.  Just a figure of speech, people.  Don't go looking for it in there.  Although your daily visit to that porcelain throne can tell you a lot about the state of your kingdom.  


Now, if there's anything in the toilet other than our fecal friend in blue above, then something is rotten in the state of Denmark.  And it ain't the Danish--unless you had one for breakfast.

You did have breakfast, didn't you?  

Oh...you weren't hungry?  Tell me--how long do you go without food when you're awake?  

OBJECTION!  What the reader eats could hardly be described as food.


Let me rephrase then: how long do you go between feedings when you're awake?  You're coming off an eight plus hour fast.  You should be ravenous!  And if you're not, it a sign that you're either sick or stressed--and likely both.  But the onset of disease is so insidious it often goes unnoticed.  We write off the warning signs because we've come to expect them.  "I'm just getting older," you say.   Well, that may be true.  But your penis should still work for Pete's sake!  Or for Paula's sake depending on what team you're batting for...and hopefully you're still playing.  Because without that game, life stops. 

Nature doesn't want to perpetuate weakness.  So when your vitality sinks to such depths that you're no longer contributing to the evolution of the species, she makes you ride the bench.  Women stop having their periods or lose interest in sex.  Guys don't get that warning sign.  For guys to lose interest in sex requires a pine box and six feet of dirt (or seven for the better endowed).  No, what guys lose is the ability to maintain an erection.  But that's what Viagra's for, right?  He can pinch hit...

Keep this performance up and Mother Nature will cut your ass from the starting line up.  You get a cold--you can't play.  You develop diabetes--you get sent down to the Minors.  You get cancer--you get forced into early retirement.  

Life is about performance, people!  And just because disease and dysfunction have become the status quo doesn't mean it's not worth living.

It's just worth changing! 

It's time we raise the baseline of health...

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