Question about Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I am a certified health coach from IIN and a triathlete who just qualified for the London world championships. I wanted to introduce myself first and wanted also to thank you for the valuable information you are sharing with us. I concur with everything you write about. 

I was wondering about IBS and how you say is due to autonomic imbalance. Can you explain to me a little bit about what you mean by that? 
from C.Zaragoza

Congratulations on all you've accomplished thus far.  One of the advantages you have over your competitors is a keen understanding of health.  May it serve you long and well.

IBS can have a number of etiologies.  Gluten and dairy (the latter is often secondary to damage done from less suitable nutrition sources similar to the former) are two of the obvious culprits.  But stress (or any sort) is often the underlying source.  Stress can cause over stimulation of the SNS which inhibits the PNS.  Since the latter is responsible for digestion, repair, etc., this system not functioning optimally commonly results in G.I. dysfunction and inflammation.  And while many might think first of what a person is eating (gluten, carrageenan, artificial flavors/colors, etc). the stress to the system could also be:

--what a person drinks (i.e. red wine)
--how often a person eats and/or in what combination of macro nutrients (i.e. hypoglycemia being a major stress to the body)
--what a person is watching/doing while eating (i.e. watching a drama or rushing to work, creating less blood flow to the intestines)

Of course, many of the stressors could be completely unrelated to diet but still cause lack of blood flow/nutrition to and function of the G.I. System.  Stinking thinking, an inverted breathing pattern, parasites, lack of hydration, over hydration, excessive exercise, deficient movement, faulty circadian rhythms, and many other triggers of the SNS should be addressed as it's truly all connected.  The key is to give the body as many resources as possible while minimizing the ways it is being stressed.  This will serve to strengthen the body's reserves and make it more resilient, effectively raising an individual's threshold for cumulative stress.  And if the person stays under their unique threshold, the body will heal itself. 

I could go on forever as one tangent leads to another.  But I hope this gets you thinking at least.  I'm sure you do a pretty good job of that already!

I wish you the best of luck in London.  I'll be sending you vibes!
With Chi

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