Why Grass Fed is more Expensive than Conventional

1--Government subsidies of corn and soy (neither of which a cow/sheep/goat/etc is designed to eat) along with other waste products which the USDA says is lawful--though not necessarily healthy--to put in feed.

2--Grass fed animals require more room to move and graze and give back to the earth.
3--Grass fed animals require more time to mature and gain weight since they're eating the way Nature intended for them to eat.

4--Modern cattle are bred to be bigger and produce larger quantities of milk (which often causes mastitis leading to overuse of antibiotics).

5--Conventional milk is often split into various products using the original cream to sell to people since "whole milk is bad for you."

6--Pasteurization allows for longer shelf life yet at the cost of destroying all the enzymes necessary to make milk a healthy food.

7--Grass fed animals produce a milk which has more CLA, Vit A, Vit D, and Vit K2 along with all the naturally occurring enzymes and other heat-sensitive nutrition.


In Summary: Healthy Cows Produce Healthy Products which keep People Healthy


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