Only Joy is Real

I recognize and release the joy within myself.  Love-energy expresses through me to all people and all things.  Any obstacles to my joy are dissolved.  I experience joy by being joyful.

The only real feeling we ever have is joy.  Any part of our lives which we experience as less than joyful is an illusion. 

Then energy of Universal Intelligence is not available to support non-joyful, non-loving illusions.  Such illusions are sustained by our own will of mind and will of emotions.  That is why dealing with illusions is so tiring.

Focus your attention on the quality of your desire.  Quality of life is the feeling that is the setting for the events and the people that pass through our lives.  Most of us have buried the joy beneath layers and layers of illusory feelings.  It is necessary to keep peeling the layers of illusions away until joy is uncovered and allowed to fill our being.

The only obstacle to releasing joy is the unwillingness to feel love for ourselves and others.  

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