Random Client Questions with Answers

1.  Am I to try and avoid all PUFA's?  (Looks like you had avocados on one of your recipe)
2.  Can you give me examples of good protein/carbo/fat snacks?  You said I need a good mix, so I am trying to figure that out.
3.  You said to include raw items with meals because of their life giving qualities.  Can you provide examples?  It seemed like you were steering me more towards fruits.  Raw veggies not such a great idea?
3.  How should I start my venture back into dairy?
4.  Can you tell me my beneficial produce and the produce to stay away from one more time?  So salads are bad?  What about baby greens?
5.  If I have my hip/glute/back pain, should I not do my corrective exercises?
6.  I need more advice on myofascial work.  I think this could be really beneficial to me!  All the muscles surrounding my iliac crest, and on the sides around the notch of my femur seem to hold SO much tension.  I think from all the skateboarding, snowboarding, and mountain biking I've done, with NO stretching.  
7.  Could I potentially have parasites in me?  Are parasite cleanses a good idea?
8.  My Dad has been recommending Aloe water at his clinic.  He wants to know your thoughts on it.
9.  My girlfriend recently gave herself a coffee enema.  She wants to know if those have the health benefits they promise.
1--it's not one of your action items, but it would serve you well.  Avocado is high in PUFA's, but it's one I would be o.k. with using as a garnish and not a staple (like most do with nuts/seeds/veggie oils/etc).
2--I think you can come up with some on your own (you're a smart guy), but I've attached a list.
3--Raw fruit (ripe) though some are better than others, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes.  Otherwise, I cook most of the others.
4--Above ground veggies except for the ones mentioned above are ones which should  be limited and/or cooked and/or eaten with saturated fat.  Add squash/zucchini to the above.
5--stretches always.  DAILY core movements always (and shouldn't hurt).  Other movements at the threshold specific to your situation (reps/sets/weight/frequency of workout).  You should find that the workout makes you feel better.  If not, you're not ready for that particular movement and we need to go slower/fill in holes in your development.
6--we can work on that next time, but golf ball/tennis ball/foam roller/stick--I have some explanation/examples in my book (http://triumphtraining.com/pages/holistic-strength-training-for-triathlon).  You can download a copy off my website or get one from me directly.
7--You probably do.  Don't want to go there yet.  Besides, some parasites have a symbiotic relationship with us.
8--don't do bells/whistles until you get the basics down.  And that bell/whistle is one I wouldn't recommend.
9--as #8.  And if you're eating/living in a way to support health, you don't need to resort to enemas.

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