Myofascial Stretch of Bicep Femoris

  • Seated with left leg straight in front of you and the right leg bent with the heel at mid-calf.
  • Push the left heel away from the body as you drive the left knee toward the floor to get the leg as straight as possible. Invert the left foot (turn the bottom of the foot toward the right) strongly while pulling the toes back toward the knee.
  • At the same time, lean forward with the upper body but keep the chest elevated (don't round the back--keep chest elevated). The right arm should be extended straight in front of the body with the hand in external rotation (palm up and fingertips facing down--like spiderman shooting a webs out of the wrist).
  • Once the stretch is felt, turn your body toward the extended leg (left in this example), accentuating the stretch. Your right arm will likely be pointing across the left leg a bit.
  • Hold for 30s and then repeat on the other side for 30s, doing 3 repeats each  side.

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