Andrew Johnston

21-Week Training Plan for Ironman

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Designed by Andrew specifically for the intermediate athlete looking to tackle an Iron Distance event, this training program includes everything:

--Detailed training zones based on heart rate or perceived level of exertion
--Proper Periodization: practicing progressive overload coupled with recovery weeks
--Specific swim/bike/run workouts which are color coded for easy recognition/understanding
--Programmed strength training
--In-season testing to quantify progress and training adaptations
--A structured taper to allow the athlete to peak for the goal race
--Special considerations for training with inclement weather or even illness
--Additional transition weeks after the key event to aid in absorption of training stimuli so the athlete enters the next training cycle in optimal physical and psychological condition
--A Question and Answer Section so you can have your coach right there!

At more than 90% off the cost of Andrew's formal coaching program, you can have the guidance of an expert in the world of Endurance Training.  Andrew has combined his hard earned athletic experience in this 16 week training schedule with decades of study to bring you a guide which will bring you to new levels of triathlon performance.  And it can be used for multiple races in the same season or from year to year.  


Andrew has helped hundreds of athletes set PR's at every distance from Sprint to Ironman and beyond.  And by downloading this PDF, you can instantly benefit from his wealth of knowledge.