Andrew Johnston

Spot On: Nutrition

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While some say it's not truly possible to be fat and healthy, it's quite easy to be skinny and sick.  These days it's sadly all too simple.  Follow a fad diet.  Emulate reality weight-loss shows.  Some of you may need go no farther than your doctor's office and ask for a prescription.  Drastic diets or intense exercise or even fancy injections and supplements can all make you thin.  Yet they can never make you healthy.  True health is never extreme.  Merging simple with science and a generous supply of common sense, Spot On: Nutrition focuses on the truth--a concept widely forgotten in recent years.  Or maybe it's just the idea that's been lost as "experts" inundate us with misinformation.  It's time to become your own guru.  This book will help you do just that.

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